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5 Years and going strong

Tokyo April 1st 2014

International Management Consulting firm z-anshin K.K. of Tokyo celebrates its 5th anniversary since its foundation in 2009.

Thanks to its multinational customers, the company enjoys continued growth with its team of over ten very experienced, highly qualified and motivated consultants offering a broad spectrum of professional and hands-on support and services including implementation if requested. An extensive personal network in Japan and abroad is key for success to many projects.

“Looking back to our humble beginnings in 2009, it is incredible how fast the time has passed. Our customer base of small to medium and large corporations based in Germany, Europe, the US and Japan has expanded and is now covering several major industries like Chemicals, Life Science, Lifestyle, Electronics, Automotive, Construction and Machinery as well as Service. Thanks to our customers, who stayed with us even when we all faced a temporary setback caused by the huge natural disaster of March 11th 2011, z-anshin has flourished. Repeat business from many of the clients is our best indicator for customer satisfaction”, said Günter Zorn, founder and President of z-anshin.

“We will continue to support existing and new clients to the best of our capabilities to expand their business in the Japanese market, which is huge and fairly homogeneous as well as a hotbed of leading edge technologies and a possible partner in the global theater”, he continued.

For further Information:
Günter Zorn
E-Mail: guenter.zorn@z-anshin.com
Telephone: (03) 6265 3256


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