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Larger Office for z-anshin

Tokyo, February 2012

In January 2012, z-anshin K.K. – International Management Consulting – moved into its new Kagurazaka office in the heart of Tokyo.

New Office Address:
z-anshin K.K.
Kagurazaka Office
Araiya Bld. 2nd. Floor
2-20 Tsukudo Hachiman-cho
Tokyo 162-0815

pdf Kagurazaka Office MAP (PDF Download)

162-0815 東京都新宿区筑土八幡町2-20 荒井屋Bldg 2階
• The registered address of z-anshin K.K. remains the same.

Telephone/Fax: (03) 6265 3256
Contact: info@z-anshin.com
Homepage: www.z-anshin.com


Strong Growth Continues

Since founded by Guenter Zorn in 2009, z-anshin continued to grow strongly. The team with now almost ten very experienced and highly qualified consultants, supported case by case by a few selected national and international business partners, offers a broad spectrum of professional and hands-on Consulting and Services including implementation if requested.

Focus areas are Strategy including M&A and PMI, Supply Chain& Logistics, Organizational Development, Marketing & Sales, Systematic Pricing, tailored Market Research and Customer Surveys as well as Change Management e.g. during ERP implementations.

“Our new office in the Kagurazaka area is not only necessitated by our growth for which we are very grateful to our customers, but is a strong sign of our confidence that Japan will remain also in future a top economy global corporations have to reckon with, be it as huge and fairly homogeneous market, be it as hotbed of technology or as possible partner in the global theater”, said Guenter Zorn


For further Information:
Günter Zorn
E-Mail: guenter.zorn@z-anshin.com
Telephone: (03) 6265 3256


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